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Episode 6 – MIA

This week on The Den, we’re a feline short and up a human. That’s right, we’ve got a real live non-fur, bred and raised in captivity to ensure he won’t start nibbling on my leg! Anyway, Aria wasn’t able to make it to the recording this time (Found out she had stomach cramps after we were done recording) and as such the episode is mostly myself (Ziya) and Swoosh (Non-fur) derfing with people who managed to catch us streaming.


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We’re back! And, with twice the derpiness!

Kade is no longer a regular part of the show, due to being busy with college, Flaw changed his name back to Ziya, Aria had awkwards, and the show has returned! In today’s episode, listen to us talk about overzealous jerks, terrifying news articles, a derfy educational vidjagame, and so much more.

There’s a few new things of note.

For one, the show will now be uploaded for download on Mondays!

For two, with the lack of a third member, we’ll be actively searching for ‘qualified’ people to be guest hosts week-to-week! If you think you’ve got what it takes, send us an email!

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