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Episode 4 – Taco

This week on The Den, tacos! Insane amounts of tacos! Not to mention lots of furry news – specifically dealing with a Flaw-local furry nightscene group, a possibly horrible gay furry movie, creepy stalker people, and more! We even got another email from that otter guy. Yeah, him. You know, the dude who – oh, just nevermind.


This week’s background songs (in order) were…

Lampshade – Moonjam

Feedle – Song For Dogs

Bombay Dub Orchestra – Mumtaz (The Ornament Of The Palace Remix)

Tennis Hero – Alone

Darkhorse – Crash & Burn

Dorfmeister vs. Madrid de los Austrias – Boogie No More

Thomas Feijk – Leak

Shanghai Restoration Project – Bubbling Well Road

Gray vs. Denzel – Appeal (Original Mix)

Obfusc – Before We Lose Our Legs

The Frequency – Jersey City

Tim Baker – Light Saber

Jordy Licious – Raw (Vocal Mix)

Panoptica – Lydia

Stephane Pompougnac feat. Charles Schilling – Sunday Drive


All songs used in this episode were obtained legally and for free from the Indiefeed Electronica podcast. All songs are copyrighted to their respective owners.


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Episode 3 – Furry Derfery

This week, we have a new recording method! +20 to audio quality! We went very off topic and just talked about whatever came up, mostly furry related things, like FA, furry surveys, the difference between anthro and furry, and even (gasp) ADULT TOYS. Oh, and popular/notorious furries. Hurrah!

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