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Episode 2 – Feline Takeover

This week, we were a little late. Kade was at AC, and Aria had some personal business. But,two days late is better than never, right? Anyway, I forced Aria to watch an episode of My Little Pony, we discuss Minecraft, and just generally derf around without a canine in our midst.


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Episode 1 – Sock Puppets

This week on the Den, we were a little tired. We talk about alternative improper uses of socks, a few games, and a dude in the news! Plus we give out a bunch of information to make stalking us just a little bit easier.  Now, pardon us while we go grab some coffee. |3

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Episode 0 – Trainwreck Theatre

This week on The Den, the new crew goes a little bit crazy! But all is well, it’s the good kind. We talk about horrible (and some good) movies, furry news from the net, E3, and make racist jokes! All this and more for just three easy payments of free!